About Us ?

At the beginning, there was Anna Rose and her childhood dreams. She loved roses, their fragrances, their shapes, the softness of the petals. She was mixing them to cover her face and body. As she says today : “it was my first beauty product”. Anna Rose grew up and went to Medical College whilst still dreaming of roses and beauty creams. Anna Rose then embraced Beauty Care and Cosmetology education. Quickly, she develops the Product range La Rose Des Sables, exclusively dedicated to the body, as for Anna Rose, it was neglected by the Cosmetic industry.

Anna Rose develops her formulas in partnership with a Cosmetology Laboratory. These experts never stop selecting and searching innovative actives. Anna Rose makes a point to use marine actives and Organic vegetal ones, natural fragrances, excluding petrochemicals. The range La Rose des Sables undergo trials ensuring the safety and the quality of the products.

La Rose Des Sables

What is it we do?

La Rose Des Sables Paris range encompasses 8 care products exclusively dedicated to the youth, the beauty and the wellbeing of the body.

La Rose Des Sables Paris products are perfumed around 3 themes : stimulation/detox, regeneration, relaxation. The aromatic scents have been carefully selected for their benefits.

La Rose Des Sables Paris products are formulated from spring source Eau de Molène, rich of minerals and trace elements, isotonic sea water and eaux-mères. The selected algeas come from a World heritage Site by UNESCO. The bio similarity between sea water and blood plasma facilitates the transfer of actives at the heart of the cells.

The La Rose Des Sables Paris formulas contain natural elements like seafennel, Centella Asiatica, pink sand of Bora Bora. All the ingredients are transformed by biotechnology processes in order to preserve their integrity.

The products are delicate and suit any quality of skin, even the most demanding ones. The La Rose Des Sables Paris products affect tonicity, firmness and toxin elimination. They fight skin slackening on sensitive areas (chest, tummy, within the arms and legs) whist winning in vitality, magnifying the skin.

Using La Rose des Sables is listening to the body and offering it the rituals it deserves. It’s feeling the natural freshness hiding between sand and sea, feeding from vegetal world, getting the power of the mineral world or hydrating from the pure transparency of sea water.

La Rose Des Sables

Why choose us?

  • Because La Rose Des Sables Paris is an innovative range.
  • Because La Rose Des Sables Paris is a range of 8 body care products fighting skin slackening.
  • Because La Rose Des Sables Paris use exclusively natural ingredients, and Organic.
  • Because La Rose Des Sables Paris guarantee the safety and quality of their products.
  • Because clinical trials show that 3 women out of 5 having used the slimming performance serum say that their cellulite has reduced (-1.1 cm on the hips after 28 days of treatment)
  • Because clinical tests show that 7 women out of 10 using the Tightening Serum, report that the elasticity of the skin on the thighs and under the arms is significantly improved (+ 2.9%) after 4 weeks of use.
  • Because with La Rose Des Sables Paris, it’s like listening to your body and offering it the rituals it deserves : the body beauty spirit.
La Rose Des Sables