Who Are We?

As La Rose Des Sables Paris, we are a brand dedicated to the youthfulness and boredom of the body only.
We are always developing our formulas in cooperation with a laboratory working in the framework of environmental protection. This laboratory is made up of a team of experts who constantly pursue and implement innovative principles to create and develop unique care for the beauty and health of the body. We are creating unique products by taking advantage of the scientific know-how of a specialist at a higher level.

La Rose Des Sables The Birth of Paris

The cosmetic world’s general focus on facial care products has caused it to neglect body youth and boredom. That’s precisely why the legendary Paramedical Training Expert Anna Rose created La Rose Des Sables, a unique body care brand to answer her needs and her needs shared with her.

What are we doing?

We feel the natural freshening hidden in the sand of the sea, we feed the greenness of the plant world, we fill the minerals with force, and we provide peace of mind in the transparent serenity of sea water.
Imagination is one of the invisible elements of the La Rose Des Sables body care line. It contains a sensitive element between finesse and confidentiality. We have 8 active products that target the sensitivity of your body. By helping you fight blues in sensitive areas such as the chest, abdomen, legs and inner arms, we help you become more vigorous and make your skin look more beautiful.

Why should it be preferred?

First, you must accept the relaxing care of this product line as an invitation to disappear in the depths and in different directions of the natural elements in order to benefit from its benefits. You must be prepared to adapt to the softness of new textures, to the excitement of sensations and to seek a beauty very close to you.
In the feature combination and formulas of the series La Rose Des Sables, especially the raw materials obtained from organic agriculture, there are also innovative natural elements:

  • Molene® patented isotonic spring water is the most important element used in formulas, with Focus Brown Seaweed, Marine Nutrient, Gotu Kola and Bora Bora Pink Sea Kumu extracts processed by bio-technological processes that preserve.

What is the body beauty understanding?

  • A unique product dedicated to youth, beauty and body health.
  • Adapt to the softness of new tissues.
  • Feeling the natural freshness hidden between the sand and the sea, feeding the developing food of the plant world, the power of the minerals and even the thirst of the transparent purity of the sea water.
  • Listening to your body is to present the rituals it deserves.

“From my sweetest childhood years, I was fascinated with roses, I was sensitive to their shape, their stance, their scent. Even at that age, I was crushing petals and secretly applying them to my face and body. They became my first beauty products. Today, roses still continue to rest me. I feel psychologically good when I have a nice bouquet of roses nearby.” Anna Rose – La Rose Des Sables