How to Do Skin Care at Home with Natural Products?

Various methods are used to achieve a healthy skin, to maintain the moisture balance of the skin and to prevent its wear. Instead of cosmetic products, aesthetic and some medical protective methods, it is possible to nourish the skin with skin care that we can do at home and naturally. We can do skin care and have a lively skin with natural materials, simple products and practical methods found in every home.

A regular skin care is essential for cleaning, moisturizing, nourishing the skin with vitamins and restoring it to health. In order to deal with skin problems such as dead skin, blackheads, acne and blemishes on the skin, we should make it a habit to do skin care with the steps we will take at home.

We can complete the skin care process at home in 3 steps as skin cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin with mask applications. It is very important to clean the skin twice a day, morning and night. We can massage the face to clean the face from make-up and dirt and preserve the natural structure of the skin with blood circulation. After completing the skin cleansing, we can apply toning and purify the skin from the pores. As a last step, we can complete skin care at home cheaply with masks that we can make at home with natural products.

There are many natural mask recipes that refresh the skin thanks to the vitamins and minerals they contain. We compile a few mask recipes for you and present them to your liking.

Banana Mask

It has been scientifically proven that bananas are very beneficial for the skin as well as the benefits they provide to our body.

We can use a high potassium-containing banana as a mask, especially for dry skin, once a week. We can mash a ripe banana and apply it to the face as a puree. We wait 15-20 minutes and clean our face with warm water. We can also make another type of banana mask by mixing a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of yogurt.

Cucumber Mask

Cucumber mask is one of the most well-known and simple home-applied skin care masks. Cucumber, which has a very high water content, is a natural food that has benefits such as resting the skin, softening it, removing bruises under the eyes and preventing skin spots.

We can squeeze the juice of the cucumber and apply it on our face. Another method is to puree the cucumber. After a certain period of time, we should wash our face with plenty of water.

Türk Kahvesi Maskesi

Turkish coffee, which gives us energy when we drink it, has recently emerged as a preferred product in skin care. The coffee mask, which gives the skin a lively and radiant appearance, can be combined with different nutrients according to the skin.

We can prepare and use Turkish coffee and grounds with lemon juice for oily skin, yoghurt and olive oil for dry skin. After the mask we put on our face dries, we clean our face with warm water. However, it is recommended to apply it with circular massages while applying it to our face and to do it only once a week.

Apple Mask

Another natural food that we can use for skin care at home is apple.

We can grate an apple and mix it with other foods depending on whether our skin is dry or oily and apply it to our face as a mask. An apple mask can be easily made with a tablespoon of olive oil or honey for dry skin and lemon juice for oily skin. After waiting for 15-20 minutes, we clean my face with warm water.

Honey Mask

Its simple and practical application has made the honey mask one of the preferred face masks.

After applying honey directly to our face and waiting for about 30 minutes, we clean our face with water. We can observe the benefits of the honey mask, which we can apply twice a week, even from the very first use.